How to Not Be an April Fool: Some 20/20 Hindsight

I always find April slightly discombobulating. It’s not summer anymore, but we still have some really hot days. It’s not winter either, but there are some really chilly days. There’s a rule in my house that the heaters don’t go on until Anzac Day, and they go off at Melbourne Cup (I failed miserably this year after a cold snap early in the month, by the way).

I also find it hard to get as much traction on business projects in April because of all the public holidays, school holidays and annual leave being taken. Lastly, I am forced to come out of denial that it’s not still ‘the new year’. We’re into our second quarter, and in six weeks’ time it’s going to be JUNE. How did that happen?!

None of this should be a surprise because it happens every year (gasp), however it still manages to sneak up on me. In case you’re like me, I’ve put together this list of resolutions that I’m going to diarise for 1st March 2020. I hope you find them useful.

  1. Ask my team to confirm any leave dates for April as far in advance as possible.
  2. Get the team together at the end of March for a mini love-in. Review your objectives for the January – March quarter, which I guarantee will have flown by. Allocate any outstanding tasks as SMART goals, or roll them into the next quarter’s pipeline.
  3. As a team, review your pipeline of tasks and projects for the April – June quarter. Agree how you’re going to manage the April ‘bottlenecks’ of reduced headcount and fewer working days in the month.
  4. Review whether the bottlenecks will mean we need additional resources. Will these resources come from inside the organisation, or will we need to engage contractors?
  5. Are we reliant upon people in other areas of the organisation to achieve our goals? If so, check what their availability in April will be and work that into your schedule.

Once all of these questions have been answered and contingency plans have been locked in, I think it’s great to get the team to agree what success looks like for the quarter. Then take a vote on how to celebrate once success has been achieved. This way everyone gets to April Fools’ Day knowing exactly what needs to be done, whilst looking forward to a fun celebration with their team when it’s all over. No fooling.

If you have reviewed your pipeline for the June quarter and need some additional resources to help you meet your objectives, please reach out to your local Clicks Account Manager, call us on 1300 CLICKS, or tell us about your requirements online.

Sam Micich

Group Operations & Marketing Manager

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