Candidate Care – Who is Looking After You?

“Relationships” – a word that is frequently bandied around in recruitment related conversations but too often poorly executed.

It is my humble opinion that the Contractor Care Manager is the true recruitment relationship manager. Contractor Care Managers aren’t typically paid any commission. They do their job because they genuinely love people, they love giving great service and they love making people happy. These are the people that ensure our contractors get paid correctly on time, every time. They make sure you are happy in your assignment, that you have everything you need, that you have a safe working environment, that your expectations are managed around contract extension time and that the account management team are notified when you are about to re-enter the job market. Perhaps most importantly, they ensure you know you are valued for your contribution. You work hard for our clients so it is only fair that you feel appreciated.

Clicks was an early adopter of a formal Contractor Care program. While other businesses attempted to achieve efficiency gains through headcount reductions during tight market conditions, Clicks did the opposite and established a Contractor Care Team. This move was driven by a strong belief that if we did a better job of engaging and managing our candidates and contractors, our retention rates would increase and our clients would experience greater workforce consistency and longevity as a result . Sure enough, our retention rates shot through the roof and currently sit at 96%. This investment has resulted in happier contractors, happier clients, greater operational efficiencies and some new business wins.

When considering contract employment and your options in terms of reputable recruitment agencies to engage with, a good starting point is to understand a recruiter’s contractor care program. Who are their dedicated Contractor Care Managers? Do they even have dedicated staff or will you just be treated as a number? The answer is very telling.

Will you be treated with respect and thanked for your hard work and contribution? Will you be communicated with during your contract assignment and will your agency genuinely want to know you once your assignment concludes?

If you would like to know more about Clicks’ Contractor Care program, please reach out to our National Contractor Care Manager, Rachel Rose on 03 9963 4806.

Happy Contracting!

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