Contractor of the Year 2017 Winner Announced

COTY winner - Joyce
2017 Contractor of the Year winner Joyce Ilustrisimo


The winner of Clicks’ 2017 Contractor of the Year was announced on Thursday. Sonia Dishoian, Account Manager at Clicks, was excited to present the prize to this year’s winner, Joyce Ilustrisimo from Melbourne. Joyce is the winner of a Google Pixel Phone and Daydream view VR package, valued at over $1,500.

Her manager, Craig, wrote this winning nomination:

“Joyce is one of best business analysts I have had work for me in my 30 year IT career. Joyce is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the Peoplesoft HCM system and the benefits that it can provide if designed and implemented well.

Joyce played in a key end to end role in the delivery of the Peoplesoft HCM Performance and Learning modules and in doing so played multiple roles in analysis, testing, training and support. Having a resource with product knowledge and who is willing to do whatever it takes to deliver makes the project manager’s job easy.

Joyce was the key person in planning where she took the time to fully understand the business process and requirement. During this process she really emphasised the power and capability of Peoplesoft HCM, convincing the business on the significant benefit they could achieve.

Joyce organised extra one on one sessions with the stakeholders ensuring no stone was left unturned and that the total requirement was understood and that the product would be designed to set up the best outcome. Her patience with the business and ability to extract the required information was second to none.

Joyce was agile in her approach at this time, mocking up screen and forms, and showing the business how it could work. She would then work closely with the vendor to get changes as needed.

Joyce would conduct testing herself as well as lead the SIT and user testing teams. She would gather them in workshops to outline he process and flow and the testing to be undertaken, providing the necessary documentation.

Finally Joyce would play a key role in implementation, conducting verification testing before go live, and supporting the go live in its early days, resolving issues as they arose. She would then lead the transition by proving face to face training and delivering training documentation.”

We took the opportunity to ask Joyce a few questions when we met up with her.

What excites you most about the VR goggles?
I am really excited to see the world and explore famous paintings from the comforts of my home – it would be like being able to teleport anywhere. How cool is that?! Being able to travel and still receive pay is icing on the cake! 😉

Why did you become an IT Contractor?
IT (and HR) is my chosen path – initially for greener pastures but I stayed, now for almost 15 years, because I also enjoyed it. I figured the next best thing to saving lives is being able to drive improvement. Contracting, on the other hand, was something that moving to Australia has introduced to me. I find that it is a great way to build one’s portfolio – especially in IT where things can change pretty quickly. Also, I think it helps in keeping myself challenged and pushes me to give my best in what I do.

What makes a good IT Contractor?
As service providers, I believe it is important to understand what your client needs and make them your goals. Forget that we are technically outsiders to the client’s organisation – being one with the team is instrumental in delivering and in keeping their best interest at heart.

What do you enjoy most about working at DET?
I love my role and my team. HRIS is something that I’ve loved for over a decade now so being able to tie in my skills and my passion is really beneficial. Having a team of great people who share your passion I think doesn’t often come around.

Clicks would like to thank everybody who nominated in this year’s COTY. We received some absolutely wonderful praise for all of our hard working contractors across the country.

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