How’s Your Front End Looking?

Apparently, everyone’s front end is in need of some help. As recruiters, every now and then we see the Perfect Storm rear its head in the sea of in-demand skill sets. The last big one was a couple of years ago when the entire market decided it needed to hire Data Scientists, whether anyone actually understood what the job was or not. And who can forget the really big ones of this millennium: the Scrum Master Storm of ’09 and the ‘anything Cloud’ Storm of ’07…

In short, these storms hit fairly regularly. So we ought to be better at seeing them coming, right? Not so much.

Right now we’re in a Front End and Full Stack developer Storm. We have multiple clients running major transformation projects that are all hitting the development phase at the same time. We have one client who would hire as many as 40 front end developers if we could find them.

What can you do about this? Probably not a lot from your enterprise project pipeline perspective, but there are steps you can take to make sure you don’t have to put everything on hold because you can’t get the resources to execute this phase of the project. Not to mention the fact that you’re going to blow your budget because the daily rate for this skill set just went up by $300 a day because they’re such hot property.

Really simply, tell your recruiter what’s in your pipeline early. Heaps earlier than you think you need to. Remember that we are the talent whisperers, and we know about these ripples in the market long before others might. Even if it’s two+ years out, keeping us in the loop means we can start mapping people with the right skills. We’ll be able to evaluate their true skill level over this period of time, and keep the best people close by demonstrating we can help with their longer-term career goals.

Then when you’re ready to press ‘GO’, we’ll have a live list of vetted and qualified people who can cycle out of their current projects into yours.

What’s the next Perfect Storm going to look like? Blockchain? Quantum Computing? AI? Machine learning? Don’t leave it too late. Storm-proof yourself by talking to us today.

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