Hiring During the Holidays? Here’s How

This is a crazy time of year for lots of reasons. There are the countless invitations to Christmas events. In between events you have to sort out Christmas shopping for your loved ones. While you’re at it, don’t forget the work Kris Kringle gift for someone you barely know. And finally my personal favourite: how our friends insist that “we must catch up again before Christmas”.

With all that going on, hiring can slip between the cracks. However this time of year is where we see workforce migration reach its peak. Projects are ending, people have time to reflect over the break and decide they need a new challenge, and those in commission-based roles have had their resignation letters written for a while, only waiting for their quarterly bonus to hit their bank account.

So listen up all you hiring managers, because the next couple of paragraphs are 24 carat gold.

Take advantage of the year-end mood to pick up some great talent. The beginning of a new year is a psychological event that makes people more open to considering a change. The top talent who haven’t been willing to budge are much more likely to be open to going for a coffee to see what the new year might hold for them.

So, be a smart shopper and beat the rest. You don’t want to be the one receiving the surprise resignation in the first week back.

Firstly, if you want someone to start in the new year, you pretty much need to start the process yesterday. You should have the goal of finalising the hiring process before the Christmas break. If you don’t do this, you’ll most likely find that your new person will be an autumn starter, not a summer one.

If you’re okay with having an autumn starter, then we still need to start mapping the market for you now, so that we’re ready to hit the ground running in mid-January. Think about it, with a three week hiring process and a three to four week notice period, this person will be starting in March and Q1 is basically over.

Can Clicks help you with this? Absolutely. Call your Clicks Account Manager today to get the latest market and salary advice on the skills you’re going to need in the next few months. We can also help you with some great discussion frameworks to help you ‘check in’ with your people to make sure you have a happy and motivated team.

If you’d like to talk more about any of the above, please call Sam Micich, Clicks’ National Operations Manager, on 03 9963 4884, or email her.

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