Don’t Play The Field With Recruiters

Every day I am out meeting with hiring managers who need to hire new talent. Every day I hear about how they have “x” amount of recruiters on the panel, or how they send out their roles to as many recruiters as they have contacts for. Their rationale for “maxing out” on recruiters is to make sure their vacancies reach as many candidates as possible. And while this does have benefits for urgent roles where you need multiple resources in a strict timeframe to meet project deadlines, it’s the exact opposite approach when you’re recruiting for a key, senior appointment.

There is no doubt that sending the role out to multiple recruiters ensures it has reach across multiple networks. However, the key to take note of is the type of candidates that comprise these networks?? Any candidate that is making themselves actively known to a recruiter is an ‘active’ candidate: one that is keen to make a move. Active candidates are usually looking to make a move for monetary reasons or because they are dissatisfied where they are. This is perfectly fine if you’re trying to plug a hole in order to meet project deadlines. However, if you are looking at making a more critical and strategic hire that will impact the growth of your business, do you really want a candidate who is in it for money?

I would argue the candidate you want is a passive candidate: a candidate who is not marketing themselves actively to recruiters. A candidate who is for all intents and purposes very satisfied where they are, and if they were to make a move it would revolve more around strategic alignment and values rather than money. This is a candidate who will truly analyse and reflect on your opportunity, taking into account all that it involves and will not simply be swayed by the money or the title. I think we can all agree this is important because another company can always pay more or offer a better title and therefore this candidate is simply a flight risk if they are not motivated beyond money.

I would argue what is more important is not casting your net as wide as possible, but rather making sure you have cast the right net deeply in the right part of the waters.

Instead of just sending your role to all the recruiters you know, it’s important to make sure you are sending it to recruiters who understand the space you are recruiting in and who are motivated to assist you.

Therefore, before sending your role out, how about calling each of the recruiters you know and asking them what they know about your company and the role you are recruiting. Ask them what strategies they would employ to find the candidate. Probe them to see what they would do if the traditional recruitment strategies don’t yield fruit. Make sure the recruiter actually knows the role you are looking to fill, and even more important, is motivated to assist you and is passionate about your brand. Don’t you think a candidate is going to be more intrigued to learn about a role when the recruiter describes it in detail with passion and excitement? How can you expect a recruiter to truly represent your brand and your role to the market if all you’ve done is send them a generic job description that they know at least four or five other recruiters have received as well? Create a partnership with one or two strategic recruiters and it will pay dividends in the long run.

If you’d like to find out more about how to choose the right recruiter for your vacancy, I’d be happy to workshop some questions to ask with you. Call me direct on 03 9963 4824 or email me.

Jeff Bonnin
Senior Account Manager

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