Welcome to our new website…

Clicks new website2Our focus has been squarely on you, our valued visitors, and no matter what hat you’re wearing, we most likely have a section just for you. Whether you are an Employer, Job Seeker or current Contractor you can easily navigate a dedicated section to meet your needs, without anything getting in the way.

In addition…we have market reports, educational and informative blog articles, and guides to help you find staff or find work. But if you want more help from us and feel like getting in touch, we have easy ways for you to contact us through the website (but don’t forget we love to talk on the phone too) and also connect with us in the ‘social’ world, be it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.

Lastly, our fresh and “responsive” design gives you access to all of the above across any device and any screen size. Be it at the office on your desktop, at home on your iPad or on the tram on your smartphone…we have you covered.

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy your stay and be sure to come back soon. (Please feel free to leave a comment with suggestions for improvements or any other feedback good or bad…)

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