Are 457 visa holders taking jobs from Australian IT professionals?

The use of 457 visas in the IT industry has been in the news over the last couple of months.

Our Prime Minister has the view that “it is not acceptable that information technology jobs…should be such a big area of imported skills.”

The IT industry reacted strongly with comments like “there wouldn’t be an IT industry in Australia if it wasn’t for the fact that we could draw from overseas labour.”

The debate caused quite a bit of emotion which can happen when one party believes the other is ill-informed.

Clicks IT Recruitment has an on-hire Labour Agreement, which a “labour hire” firm like us is required to have before we can place a 457 visa holder with a client. Securing the agreement itself is a demanding process and sourcing workers from overseas is not a priority because from a recruitment point of view it takes more time and incurs more risk. Accordingly, 457 visa holders make up less than 1% of our on-hire workforce.

So, from our point of view the system seems to work ok as there is really no advantage for us to use 457 visas yet without them there would be some client requirements that we couldn’t meet.

Does the 457 visa scheme take IT jobs from Australians, or does it aid the development of technology business in Australia?

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7 thoughts on “Are 457 visa holders taking jobs from Australian IT professionals?

  1. Hi,
    I am a skilled SAP Basis consultant. I have over 2 years and 5 months of rich SAP technical experience in Basis field. I am also very strong in technical, consulting & communication skills. In this short term, I have worked across many operating systems, databases & several SAP products while I was involved in projects for clients including support projects.
    Just one simple, really plain question. Why am I, a talented, dynamic, leadership skilled consultant, still job less after 2 and a half months being in Australia? I have done my own research, a real time research, that the 457 visa is a little responsible for taking away jobs, not fully. Its not good for any consultant to be sitting at home idly, when you have people from overseas work in your place because they come in cheap. Ask any lame accountant & they will tell you its bad for the economy too.

    Kindly interview me to know the truth about the 457 visa facts, also my skills for SAP ERP. Perhaps then & only then will you realize whats really going on with 457 visa in Australia.

    Thanks & regards,
    M. Nizam

  2. Hello ClicksIT Recruitment,

    457 visa is taking away Australian jobs. I’m in the same boat as Nizam I completed my degree in September 2012 in Network Engineering. I know for a fact that there are lots of opportunities but it’s all lost to 457 visa due to cheap labor.

    Before you draw a conclusion, I think you need to engineer your data accurately.


  3. Hi Nizamuddin
    I look forward to meeting with you next week and discussing your future career.
    Nick Bacon

  4. As a returning citizen to these shores, I now find myself in the unflattering position of being without work and unable to seemingly get a foot in any door.

    Maybe my age plays against me (in my mid 40’s now), or maybe a 3 year break out of IT and into teaching has “ruined” my CV in the eyes of employers.

    However, I bring significant business and technical experience to bear in a career that has seen me transcend chartered accountancy, banking and IT project and program management and delivered significant business benefits to those organisations whom I served for more than twenty years.

    Regardless of the economics of 457 visas, it is a waste of valuable Australian resources if there exist any qualified chartered accountants and qualified project managers (of which I am both), either unemployed or under-employed whilst those same skills are being shipped in from overseas countries.

    However, we live in interesting times and I accept that cost cutting is a necessary function of the global economy when businesses are operating more in survival than in growth mode.

    Nizam and Nurul.
    Better to stay optimistic – your skills are highly valued and with persistence and perseverance, opportunity will come knocking.

  5. Hello everyone,
    I agree with most of Australians. 457 visa should be abolished. I am IT qualified person with two master degrees in my field. I could not find one entry level job as most of them filled by visa holders.
    So, I went to teaching and now I pitch into same situation. They taking overseas trained teachers for schools. Most of them from UK, Europe or South America. There is no transparent process in Australian job hiring process. It is very bias and corrupted process. Employment agencies advertise jobs that already filled or does not exists. When the real vacant position pop up they hire unskilled person through back door. Honest skilled person hardly find a job but waiting in Centre link queue.Most of job allocations are biased and racially motivated. It is not about losing jobs for Australians , it is about losing jobs for some ethnic groups. This is getting worse with this 457 Visa.

  6. Hi,
    I know there are lots of issues around 457 visas it has been misused, I know people were recruited from abroad without checking talents here. I was at the receiving end of both I and my wife migrated here my wife being a nurse got a job, and was offered a 457 visa same I was included in that. Holding a sponsored 457 visa and being in Australia for the past 1 year, I was rejected jobs because I wasn’t a PR Holder or a citizen my wife is only working. Already being in Australia with a 457 visa I was never offered any job it is so difficult, but I respect the decision jobs should be advertised here first before recruiting people from abroad. I was because of the misuse of the visa I am stuck while coming to Australia I had high hopes, I still haven’t given up I have applied for my PR the process is ongoing right now. So I will start applying for jobs once I get the visa my real fear is now I may get denied for the 1 year gap I had, I was working for DELL India before coming here. I have experience in IT Helpdesk Support, Technical Support, Computer Hardware etc.. but stuck on 457 as of now!

  7. Dear guys, as mentioned 457 or not even 1% work force in Australia, and pls note that these people are drawing more salaries than locals, it is because they are experts. Every company will support and preferred to take citizens/PR, what happen if they dont get? They have to spend more money/ Time to get a skilled person outside Australia and also pay more every week. I was working in AU for almost a year, where i feel like going back due to home sickness, but it was not possible as they are not getting any local person, unfortunately even experts from other nationality are also not available. So I completed the project and came back to my country.

    Even now after 7 months, almost every week at least one call I will get asking my availability for working in Australia…. Every country need experts….if not require, then pls stop at least new PR’s. This will help the locals to get the jobs, but stopping 457 may have impact on the technology….It was just personnel opinion…..

    If the comments made above are citizens, these these are to be respected, else if these are made by PR’s…then locals should think abt this……

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