47% Will Look for Work in 2018: It Employment Confidence Index

47% of respondents to our IT Employment Confidence Index intend to look for work next year. A further 34% would consider it if approached with the right opportunity. The latest quarterly survey of Clicks’ Australian workforce shows that the number of “passive”, or those candidates open to changing jobs, is at a high of 81%.

The survey results showed strong optimistic trends across most key indices. We had a record high in those feeling positive about current Australian economic conditions at 37%. A three-quarter streak of 23% continued for those believing there were ‘plenty’ of available IT jobs.

More than nine in ten people feel either neutral or positive about the future of their employers, and there was an 8 point drop in those concerned about losing their job in the year ahead.

These sentiments are backed up by the high levels of activity we are seeing in the market right now. Clicks is seeing growth in demand for both contract and permanent recruitment services, but significant growth in permanent.

At a time of year when organisations can enter a “go-slow” period, and we are faced with ongoing political issues and elections in some states, Clicks’ clients are still in high-growth hiring mode across all sectors.

This sends a strong message to the tech workforce: there is a steady flow of good jobs for strong applicants, and employers can feel confident that the best people are willing to consider a move, even this close to Christmas.

If you are considering putting off your hiring plans until next year, I would strongly urge you to consult with your Clicks Account Manager. They will be able to provide market intelligence on the strength of the candidate pool in your industry. You may find that hiring now will actually be more advantageous, or you may hire now with a deferred start date in the new year.

As always, please consider your Clicks Account Manager a trusted advisor who is on hand to share their invaluable market knowledge to help you achieve your business objectives.

It’s our shout for coffee if you’d like a second pair of eyes on your hiring plans over the next 6 months… call your Account Manager directly, or if you’re new to Clicks, call us on 1300 CLICKS for assistance.

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