Top Reasons to go Permanent

businessman in white shirt walks up the ladderIt can be difficult to make a decision as to whether to contract or take a permanent role.

This week we have listed the top reasons for taking a permanent role:

  1. Career Development
    Better long-term career development opportunities as organisations are more likely to promote from within.
  2. Job Security
    The IT market goes up and down so a permanent role is more likely to ensure that you are employed when times are tough in the market as well as when they are good! And if a project gets cancelled you still have a job!
  3. Employee Benefits
    Such as Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Long-Service Leave, Parental Leave, and Bereavement Leave…
  4. Lifestyle
    A permanent job allows you to plan for the long term; you know where the money is coming from and makes things like applying for loans easier. There is also less administration, such as timesheets, varied income, accountancy fees etc.
  5. Team Work
    It allows you to fully be a part of the team, get involved in the culture and shaping the direction of your organisation. As a contractor, you can often be viewed as an ‘outsider’ or have limits to the amount of company knowledge you can access.
  6. Training, Certifications, Staff Incentives and Development
    Employers are more likely to invest in these things for permanent employees and more importantly this allows you to keep investing in yourself! As soon as you stop investing in these things your ability to develop your skills, and therefore your career will diminish.
  7. Better Projects, More Accountability
    Permanent employees will often get the pick of the projects/jobs that are available and have more seniority and accountability for things such as budgets and staff management than contracting staff. Employers want to retain/protect their Intellectual Property therefore you are more likely to be trusted with this as a permanent employee.
  8. Tools of the trade
    Permanent employees are more likely to be supplied with, or have the costs covered for ‘tools of the trade’ such as phones, laptops and other equipment required for the role.
  9. Less Job Searching, Less Interviewing and Higher Job Satisfaction
    It’s stressful knowing your job might be coming to an end. The process of finding a job can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking! You’ll also get the satisfaction of staying on to see how your work has impacted and benefited the organisation!
  10. Commitment
    Being a permanent employee looks good on your resume. It shows commitment, stability as well as progression.

Is there anything we have missed about the advantages of going perm? Feel free to drop us a line to let us know. Likewise, if you are a contractor looking to go Permanent, get in touch today!

Sam Micich
Clicks IT Recruitment

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