Clicks Releases Latest Job Seekers’ Climate Report

Clicks’ 2012 Job seekers’ Climate Report has just been released, and has revealed some interesting trends. The survey is conducted annually, and asks job seekers a range of questions about their current views on the employment market. Some of the …

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Opportunity to obtain a Diploma of Information Technology – Networking

Holmesglen has a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program. Clicks has been asked to refer people with IT Networking skills to ProLearn, Holmesglen’s partner organisation. We believe that this is a positive way to increase your education and employability in …

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An optimistic future in IT…

According to (Australian Computer Society) ACS, CEO Alan Petterson, “In Australia, ICT skills shortages continued to grow by up to 14,000 extra ICT jobs in 2012” and is anticipated to grow to 35,000 by 2014, these are big numbers. He …

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Everyone’s a winner…

Thank you to all our respondents who took time to provide their valuable insights once again in our Annual IT Recruitment and Retention Report – Winter (2012) Update. Whilst we believe everyone who reads and participates in our report ends …

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Never ask a lady her age

With an ageing workforce, the trend in Australia for the past few years has seen more people leaving the workforce then entering it. Because of this trend, more and more companies are focusing on how to retain and attract talent, …

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Let’s talk baseball..

…Now you’re in all probability asking why, and what bearing this has on IT recruitment. Bear with me, the linkage will be explained. I recently watched the 2011 film ‘Moneyball’, a movie based on the Oakland Athletics (the A’s) Major …

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Sue is a joy to have around and I wish I could keep her on forever. A perfect fit!


He has been a positive and constructive member of our team – and is so loved, that his team mates recommended that the IT system he is working on should be named after him.


His innovation and attention to detail have allowed us to take evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary steps forward in our services and products.


With resources of this calibre, Clicks is at the top of my list when I’m looking for staff.