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Top 10 Most in Demand IT Jobs in 2023 in Australia

The ever-growing use of technology in our lives means tech skills are some of the most sought-after. But which skillsets are more in demand? Drawing on Clicks’ market research and recruitment data, as well as the Australian Government jobs and skills data, we provide a countdown of the top ten most in-demand IT jobs for 2023 (including salary data).

10. Product Owner

Product roles are relatively new, with demand rising over the last five years as organisation seek to improve or expand their offering. Last year, the number of Product Owners Clicks recruited outnumbered Product Manager positions four to one.

While Product Managers play an essential role in shaping the product direction, employers are looking for ‘doers’ who can turn strategies and customer needs into tasks the development team can deliver. In smaller companies, the Product Manager may take on the detailed responsibilities of a Product Owner.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Product Owner $135,000 $965 View salary & contract range
Product Manager $150,000 $1,000 View salary & contract range

9. Test Analyst

Software testing has been outsourced, offshored, and impacted by the iterative nature of agile software development practices. However, demand for Test Analysts remains, particularly for those with automation skills and the ability to identify and resolve issues and bugs.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Test Analyst $93,750 $690 View salary & contract range
Test Lead $126,250 $840 View salary & contract range
Automation Test Analyst $121,250 $825View salary & contract range
Test Manager $145,000 $940View salary & contract range

8. Systems Administrator

Systems Administrators are essential as they enable all staff to do their job. They oversee the installation and ongoing management of networks, including desktop computers, and critical systems required by the business. The Australia Government data indicates the future growth is 38.9%.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Systems Administrator $102,500 $650 View salary & contract range
Service Desk Analyst $70,000 $375 View salary & contract range
Desktop Support $90,000 $505View salary & contract range

7. Systems Engineer

Last year, Clicks received more requests for Systems Administrators however, our latest market research indicates there will be more demand for Systems and Infrastructure Engineers in 2023. The job of a Systems Engineer and Systems Administrator can overlap. However, Systems Engineers typically focus on designing and improving systems and networks and many other aspects of IT infrastructure, while the latter focuses on configuration and support.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Systems Engineer $125,000 $750 View salary & contract range
Network Engineer $142,500 $765 View salary & contract range

6. Data Analyst

The demand for Data Analyst grows as more companies seek to mine company data and turn it into actionable business insights. In 2022, Data Analyst, followed by Data Engineer outstripped demand for all other data roles. Looking ahead, we expect this trend will continue.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Data Analyst $112,500 $740 View salary & contract range
Senior Data Analyst $118,335 $900 View salary & contract range

5. ICT Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of large-scale and complex ICT projects. With technology continuing to be vital for companies’ operational and strategic success, we expect demand for those who lead projects and programs of work to be high in 2023.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Project Manager $140,000 $1,100 View salary & contract range
Program Manager $170,000 $1,200 View salary & contract range

4. ICT Architect

Employers surveyed by Clicks reveal IT Architects will be the fourth most in demand role this year. Given the essential work they do to ensure organisations select and build IT resources that are efficient, effective, scalable, and secure, it is unsurprising they are in demand across all sectors.

The main types of IT Architects are Solution, Enterprise, and Infrastructure, although they can also specialise in specific domains or technologies, such as IT Security or Salesforce.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Solution Architect $170,000 $1125 View salary & contract range
Enterprise Architect $172,500 $1125 View salary & contract range
Infrastructure Architect $162,500 $1050 View salary & contract range
Security Architect $180,000 $1200 View salary & contract range
Salesforce Architect $167,500 $1250 View salary & contract range

3. Business Analyst

The Australian Government’s Labour Market Insights, which outline in-demand occupations and industries until 2026, indicates ongoing growth for Business Analysts and Systems Analysts. 

Our 2023 Recruitment & Retention Report predicts Business Analysis will be the third most in-demand job in IT this year.

If you are hiring at BA and need access to a job description fast, check out our catalogue of job descriptions, including one for Business Analysts.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Business Analyst $140,000 $925 View salary & contract range
Systems Analyst $116,665 $865 View salary & contract range

2. ICT Security Consultant

Cyber security spending is anticipated to increase to $7.6 billion by 2024. The strong demand for IT Security professionals is also supported by Clicks’ market research – taking second place as the most sought-after skillset.

All IT security positions listed on the Australian Government’s Priority Skills have a ‘strong’ future demand rating. These roles include Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Architect, Cyber Governance Risk, Compliance Specialist, Cyber Security Advice and Assessment Specialist, and Cyber Security Operations Coordinator.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Security Consultant $170,000 $1,250 View salary & contract range
Cyber Security Analyst $150,000 $1,040 View salary & contract range
Cyber Security Specialist $165,000 $1,250 View salary & contract range

1. Software Developer

Software Developers – also referred to as Software Engineers – was one of the most requested jobs from the companies we work with in 2022, and we expect this year will be no different. Clicks asked IT leaders across Australia to forecast roles in demand in their organisations. Again, developers topped the list, with most respondents (40%) indicating they would be hiring Developers over the next 12 months.

Developers/Programmers also feature in SEEK’s list of top 20 most-needed jobs in Australia – ranking 11th across all jobs and industries.

Role Average Salary Average Contract Rate
Software Developer $133,335 $865 View salary & contract range
Java Developer $140,000 $940 View salary & contract range
C++ Developer $132,500 $990 View salary & contract range
Full Stack Developer $138,750 $915 View salary & contract range

Whether you are searching for a new job this year or looking to hire, Clicks can help. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Queensland, we connect IT professionals and great companies across Australia every day.

The salary and rates information provided include superannuation and are a guideline only. Average salaries are annualised, and average contract rates refer to a daily pay rate.

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