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Clicks IT Recruitment Wins Excellence in Business Innovation at the 2023 RCSA Awards!

Clicks is thrilled to have won the Excellence in Business Innovation category at the 2023 RCSA Awards! The win complements Clicks’ recent recognition also being named as finalist in the Industry Leader 2023 category of the awards.

The award celebrates the continuing innovation and improvement within its recruitment-based operations.

One of the key innovations that led to the win is Clicks’ dynamic salary search tool. Introduced in early 2022, this pioneering tool provides job seekers and hiring managers with real-time market rates, including accurate contractor daily rates. In contrast to other online resources that merely offer contractor rates as a percentage of corresponding permanent salaries, Clicks’ salary tool delivers precise, up-to-date, and reliable data. By integrating across Clicks’ website, CRM and email automation platform, the tool has produced an unprecedented influx of enquiries from Australian IT professionals and employers.

The project, led by Clicks’ in-house marketing team, spanned 18 months in conjunction with its proprietary recruitment methodology, HumAIn™ – the intersection of smart technology and human reasoning, creativity and compassion.

“One of the most common jobseeker complaints is a lack of clarity about pay negotiation when changing jobs. With today’s cost of living crisis, knowing your worth in the employment market has never been more important. This award validates Clicks’ commitment to pushing boundaries and transforming the recruitment landscape to improve the job seeker experience. We thank the RCSA for this recognition, and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence.”

Ben Giltrap, Marketing Manager

As Clicks celebrates this achievement, it remains dedicated to driving positive change within the recruitment industry, and providing exceptional service to its valued clients and candidates.

The RCSA Industry Awards provide the opportunity to recognise the best of the best in the recruitment, staffing and workforce solutions sector in Australia and New Zealand. In a recent article, the judges praised Clicks’ level of genuine innovation:

“Clicks IT Recruitment impressed the judges with their solution to a problem that had a community wide impact. They presented a genuine business innovation and reinforced their entry with impressive data. Their use of innovation will be inspirational to the sector.”

The 2023 awards took place with over 500 recruitment and staffing industry attendees at Sydney’s Luna Park. The awards recognise the best of the industry, awarding the winners of 13 categories from a record-breaking 179 submissions.

Congratulations to the finalists and winners, and thank you to the RCSA for another amazing year championing our industry.

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