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7 Things in Your House and Car You Should Be Cleaning but Aren’t…yet!

We all know that the spring clean is a great way to freshen up our house or apartment after the long, dark months rugged up indoors. However, as we start to spend more time indoors as the weather cools, it’s important that we make sure to do a proper winter clean. Not only will this mean minimal effort for the following, and often intense spring clean, but it’ll help you avoid those nasty germs and stay well over these colder months.

I know, we’d also prefer to be rugged up in bed on a cold Sunday morning. Although, when you think about it one weekend of cleaning is worth it for the comfort of a clean home during the winter. You might even find those warm jumpers and duvets you’ve been looking for.

Now, we don’t doubt you know how to clean your place. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 7 things and places you might’ve overlooked when cleaning which might be gathering germs and other nasties!

At Home

They’re definitely not the only places you might’ve missed during your last clean. However, these spots around the house are absolute magnets for germs and other nasties. The best part about each of these objects or areas, is they shouldn’t take long to clean… even if they’ve had years of neglect.

Pet and Children’s Toys

Children and pet toys are two hot spots for germs, often finding their way under furniture, in the garden and then into mouths. Whether it’s an action figure, a ball or even a tablet these toys can become an easy way for germs to jump around the house.

To minimise the risk of children catching a cold or flu, it is recommended to clean their toys regularly. It’s as simple as gathering them all up and giving them a thorough wash with warm soapy water. You can even follow up with a quick spray or wipe with disinfectant.

Overhead Ceiling Fans and Air-conditioner Filters

A surprisingly common spot that gets overlooked in the cleaning process is the overhead ceiling fan. Sure for those that have one, it’s obvious it’s there. However, this can be our downfall…we simply overlook it. Due to the drop in temperature, it’s important to remove the dust that can accumulate on the fans to prevent it from circulating in the air.

Using a microfibre cloth to dust the top of the ceiling fan and other ledges (wall frames or window sills). This will help catch most of the dust instead of spreading it to the floor or into the air.

Remote Controls

One item that definitely gets passed around from person to person, and maybe even carried away by the pet when you’re not looking is the remote control! These controls make the perfect landing pads for germs, being passed around constantly and having tiny nooks and crannies that germs just love.

A simple wipe down with a disinfectant spray should do the trick. Just make sure to keep an eye on it the next time the dog tries to take a grab at it.

In the Car

Making sure you’re driving around in a clean car, ca be just as important as having a clean house, especially when turning on the AC to warm up or when reaching for your coffee mug. Unlike the larger spaces our houses offer, the confined spaces of cars make it harder to find hiding spots that germs might be lurking. Here are 5 spots to focus on when next cleaning out your car.

Air Conditioning Vents

The air vents in our cars are often overlooked by most of us, as they’re not only small spaces but something that we usually just forget about when cleaning (at least beyond the surface). There are a few indicators that mean that something isn’t quite right with your cars AC, from; a funky smell to the feeling of suffocating.

To hopefully avoid the seriousness of the feeling of suffocation and the accompanying bill of hiring a professional to clean the AC system, there are a few things you can do. Check them out here.

Steering Wheel and Dashboard

The steering wheel and dashboard of a car are both germ magnets, attracting a high concentration of germs from both driver and passengers. With the increase in people suffering from the cold and flu, the sneezing, coughing and wiping of hands on the steering wheel and dashboard means that these places are hot spots for germs and other nasties.

Here are some top tips on removing germs from your car!

Car Keys, Door Handles and Controls

Similarly to the steering wheel and dashboard – car keys, door handles and controls are ideal locations for germs to gather and spread. These are the areas of your car that are likely to see the highest volume of hand traffic from a variety of people…and even pets.

A quick look on the surface and these area might look clean, however upon closer inspection you might see just how dirty these places can be ‘behind the scenes’. Although, don’t stress! A good wipe down with some anti-bacterial spray and you should be ready to go.

Your Belts…

The belt is a staple piece of clothing, whether it’s actually being used to help support your pants or simply to style out an outfit. However, at the same time it is an article of clothing that doesn’t get cleaned like our clothes or hands do after a trip to the bathroom or a hard day at work. As such they offer an ideal place for germs to prosper.

Now you don’t need to try and find an obscure way to give your belts (and other clothing accessories) a thorough clean. Simply give the belt a once over with some anti-bacterial spray, wipe it down and leave it to dry overnight. Watch out for those soft leathers with any harsh chemicals.

As always, please let me know if there are any particular topics you would love us to look into or you have any queries or concerns.

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