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It’s All About Balance

Life is about balance. One of the best skills to learn is the importance of knowing how to say no and when to say yes. There are multitudes of articles on how the polarity of opening up your mind and saying yes to every opportunity can change your life. On the flip side the plethora of No means No also polarises life into an ‘either or’ category. But taking a balanced approach and taking time to reflect and evaluate priorities in life and work makes the conversations a lot easier to manage.

Every time you say yes to one task or opportunity, you are prioritising it above another, and creating a yin-yang flip of having to say no to another. For example, saying yes to leaving work on time to make it to a family or social event is saying no to investing additional hours into a work project, or saying no to taking time for meditation or relaxation time. There is no one answer to live by, and some ‘no’ answers increase your wellness… While saying ‘yes’ to some tasks can really take you away from tasks and opportunities that will boost your energy and help you thrive.

Sticking with this theme, we have also found some great yoga moves to increase your personal balance and a delicious Paleo Balance Bowl to take your dinner to the next level of zen.

Saying yes to new career opportunities can mean moving on from current roles and teams. It’s important to acknowledge the positive people and experiences that you are leaving behind to balance out the fear of the new with a growth mindset. On that point, as it’s my last week with Clicks, I would like to thank all contractors, staff and clients that I have dealt with over the last two years. Working for an organisation that places importance on both Wellness and professional standards is definitely valued. I will greatly miss being part of the team.

As always, please let us know if there are any particular topics or benefits that you would love us to look into, or if you have any queries or concerns.

You can call us on 03 9963 4832 or email contractor care directly.

-Chelsea King



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