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Ten Tips for Living Well at Work

Looking back over our last few blog posts, we have covered a wonderful range of topics and stories about keeping fit and staying healthy. But I have to admit, there is something lacking. Can you guess what it is? Well if the title wasn’t a dead give-away, we’ve been a bit light on the topic of wellness at work lately. To address the imbalance I thought I would give you not three, not five, but ten (yes count ‘em, ten) top tips for wellness at work that you can implement right now! Wow, sale-sy much?!

Wash your hands (and clean your keyboard)
I’m definitely no germophobe, but when you think about how much you use your keyboard and mouse each day, it’s a really good idea to keep them clean to stop the spread of any germs.

Have an ergonomic assessment
Is the top edge of your monitor at eye level? Are your feet flat with a 90 degree bend at the knees? Ergonomic assessments, also referred to as workstation assessments, ensure that your workstation is ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of injury and maximise productivity.  But most of all, it will also help you sit up straight, you slouch!

Stretch. Heaps.
We were definitely not designed to stay in the same position for hours on end – it’s important for your circulation and muscular heath to stretch (my boss has a reminder in her diary to stretch on the hour).

Get up from your desk
Like the previous point, we weren’t meant to stay in one spot all day. Getting away from your desk gives you time to gather your thoughts, and grants your eyes a reprieve from your screen.

Be smarter at being well
Use technology to help you manage the regular bodily maintenance it needs to be healthy. This nifty Chrome browser extension reminds you to rest your eyes regularly and take breaks from your screen. There are also apps and browser extensions that remind you to drink water at regular intervals, YouTube videos for your daily deskercise – you name it! Of course, you could just use sticky notes but where’s the fun in that? Technology!

Learn to take and give compliments
Everyone loves working with pleasant people. A great way to build rapport with people is to pay them compliments and take interest in their victories. Just keep it work appropriate.

Pack a lunch (or start a salad club)
Buying lunch every day is convenient, but it sure can burn a hole in your pocket. It also makes it so much easier to indulge in unhealthy food choices. At Clicks we started a salad lunch club that helps us save money and eat healthy food. It’s not all kale and kombucha either: think Cajun-marinated chicken, chipotle sauce, charred vegetables, freshly shaved parmesan… salad club can feel like an indulgence if you do it right.

Get vaccinated
With Clicks offering free flu vaccinations at the start of the colder seasons, I’m not going to deny that this is a sneaky plug for the brand. Still, a great way to ensure that you don’t catch pesky office bugs is to get the seasonal Fluvax every year.

Drink water
Spending the day in a temperature regulated office, it’s easy to go hours on end without drinking any water. If you’re anything like me, you might also end up supplementing your water intake with coffee. Avoid the caffeine jitters and 3 pm headache by setting regular intervals to drink water.

Home time is your time
You need to be the best you can be when you’re at work, and a big part of that is resting and recharging when you are at home. This is your time; spend it doing the things, and being with the people that give your life joy. Exercise when you get up, read before bed. There are so many things that we advocate here at the Clicks Wellness Matters program that we shouldn’t need to tell you what to do. Plus, you’ve been an avid reader for so long (almost 2 years, can you believe it!) that you’ve already stockpiled all of our amazing tips and tricks anyway.

So there you have it, ten rapid fire ways to improve your wellness in the workplace. The best part is you can implement these all right away… well, it may be a little late for the vaccination one. If there is a particular topic that you would like us to investigate please feel free to let us know. You can contact us via email or call 03 9963 4808.

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