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Time for a Digital Detox?

My name is Daniel and I’m a digiholic.

I can’t remember the last time I went 24 hours completely off the grid. I have too many account names, gamertags, handles and usernames to possibly keep track of… and don’t even mention the passwords. I sometimes struggle with OS-overload, forgetting how to do certain tasks on different operating systems. I have this incessant need to have my finger on the pulse with daily podcasts, blogs and youtubers; when I miss out I have to binge to catch-up. Admittedly these issues are pretty insignificant, but are symptomatic of too heavy a reliance on digital stimulus.

For a millennial like me, discussing the problem of too much tech feels like a platitude. But I was recently watching an interview with Simon Sinek discussing millennials in the workplace and he brought up some points that struck a chord with me. First, our obsession with social media has created a culture of being really good at being disingenuous. As individuals we aren’t being intentionally deceptive, but who wants to post their grievances and tribulations for the entire world to see? This lack of nuance in our digital self-perception leads to a kind of quest for meaning and significance in our IRL self-perception. Next, it’s becoming more difficult to create meaningful relationships with others because we spend our daily micro moments (like waiting for a meeting to start or traveling in a lift) checking our phones instead of interacting with those around us.

Obviously we aren’t heading towards some dystopian future where we struggle to interact with one another in face-to-face situations. But as we leverage more and more technology in our social lives, we should be aware of the effects on our offline selves. Make sure you have a regular detox. Once you get over the initial separation anxiety, you get a sense of being risqué and then it feels extremely liberating. Try it… Next time you go to the movies, leave your phone at home.  If you feel the urge to check your phone to avoid awkward small talk, don’t. I know I won’t. Over the coming months we’ll revisit this topic to bring you the latest research and techniques to digitally detox.

As always, if there are any particular topics that you would like us to look into, or if you have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact Chelsea King. You can call her on 03 9963 4832 or email her directly.



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