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When’s the Last Time You Had a Holiday?

So I don’t get to say this very often: I’ve just come back from a month’s holiday in Europe. It was awesome. And in the context of wellness, it has made a huge difference to my general sense of wellbeing. I love my job and my team are awesome, but even so, we all need a break from the daily grind. I’m a big believer that we really need our four weeks’ leave every year – there are countless studies that prove it’s a major wellness factor.

Just being in a completely foreign place and seeing and doing things that are so far out of the ordinary are a great opportunity to do a mental reset. Giving yourself some space from a busy job also gives you the opportunity to reflect. For me it was about how effective I am during the hours I spend at my desk (too many) and resolving to get more done during core hours so I can leave earlier to do other stuff outside of work.

Travel inspires me and reignites my creativity, which has tons of benefits across both my personal and professional life. It also helps remind me how lucky I am to have a job that allows me to take these holidays, and cements my commitment to doing a great job… all of which are very helpful when dealing with jetlag in that first week back.

In addition to giving me some questionable (but thankfully short-lived) style inspirations such as gold cutlery (Greece), a bathroom of all white marble (also Greece), a built-in sauna (Finland) and totally minimalist decor (Sweden), travel also allows me to take a stiff broom to my mental clutter. I find it very helpful to figure out what I’ve been spending too much time worrying about, come up with a plan to resolve the things I do need to worry about, and re-prioritise my plan of attack for Life in General for when I get home.

So on top of the benefits of actually being on your holiday and making the most of each day wherever you are, make sure you do your brain a favour and sweep that broom through all the stuff that’s been hanging around for way too long.

My final hot tip is to always have your next holiday planned. Having something to look forward to really helps when you’re having a tough day.

Where’s your next holiday going to be? I’d love to hear in the comments below – I’m always looking for inspiration for my travel wishlist!

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