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Why Recruitment?

Having been in the industry since 1987, I can attest to the many opportunities and rewards a career in recruitment can provide. It’s an entrepreneurial industry where you can always “make things happen”. To be a “messenger of opportunity” requires courage, imagination and the willingness to act – all things within our control.



There are a number of different paths a recruitment career can take. Whichever path you choose, we think there are 3 things that are essential to your success:

  1. You work hard and are proud of providing the best solutions.
  2. You care about the people you deal with.
  3. You can sell. Whether it’s explaining an opportunity to a candidate, profiling a candidate to a hiring manager or pitching a solution to a client, you enjoy picking up the phone, meeting people and building effective relationships.

If this sounds like you please read on. Who knows, you might well be our next Clickster…