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Find skilled and tested candidates fast

Our systems, process and resources combine with our team’s sourcing capability to deliver the best people in the shortest time. Find out more.

Reduce risk with quality-assured processes

As part of the Beddison Group with over 40 years’ experience, you will receive quality, consistency and continuous improvement. Find out more.

Latest market research for informed decisions

For 18 years, Clicks has researched key issues affecting the recruitment and retention of IT professionals across Australia. Find out more.

Customised workforce solutions

We work closely with you to understand your best outcome and have a full range of flexible recruitment options. Find out more.

HumAIn: where human and artificial intelligence complement each other. Combining them to deliver the best recruitment outcomes.

HumAIn is Clicks’ proprietary recruitment methodology, focusing on the intersection of smart technology and human reasoning, creativity, and compassion.

HumAin is why we believe that the recruitment process cannot be fully automated. Without human interaction, you will never hire that brilliant but left-field applicant. The creative type whose CV didn’t have the right keywords will never be flagged for an interview, and the high achiever who wants to ask a few simple questions about the job will abandon your online application process before they get to the end.

We believe in the help that technology provides in processing large volumes of data, repetitive tasks, and searching more locations more quickly.

We don’t believe that people’s only shot at getting a job should hinge on their ability to upload a CV with the perfect keywords.

We are proud of our inclusive strategies that are appropriate for candidates of all abilities. We are HumAIn.



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Sue is a joy to have around and I wish I could keep her on forever. A perfect fit!


He has been a positive and constructive member of our team – and is so loved, that his team mates recommended that the IT system he is working on should be named after him.


His innovation and attention to detail have allowed us to take evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary steps forward in our services and products.


With resources of this calibre, Clicks is at the top of my list when I’m looking for staff.