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Is Your Internal Hiring Process Costing You Great People?

Have you ever lost a good candidate because they accepted another offer? Or because you couldn’t get the paperwork done quickly enough? Or because you couldn’t demonstrate your value proposition well enough? Or because you simply didn’t provide a good enough candidate experience?

Anecdotally we’ve all experienced at least one of the above. Let’s add some rigour to the numbers, using Clicks’ 2017-18 IT Workforce Insights report.

Current data shows that 42% of those actively seeking work are only on the market for a month or less, and 26% for 1 – 3 months. That’s 68% of active job seekers who are in and out of the market in a matter of weeks. Experience tells us that these 7 out of 10 people are the ones you want to hire as compared to the remaining 3, who are typically much less employable. At such narrow windows of availability, you need to be prepared to move quickly.

The decision making process must be tuned to optimum efficiency. Data from the report says that 45% received an offer within a week of interview, 30% within a fortnight, 18% in 3-4 weeks, and 7% waited an extraordinary 5+ weeks to receive an offer. We’re left to speculate on the quality of those who are happy to wait in hope five weeks after their job interview.

The report also tells us that a massive 38% of job seekers have withdrawn because the process took too long. Ouch.

Let’s put some icing on this cake. While you’re going through the recruitment process, there is a world of other recruiters out there who are determined to persuade your dream candidate to consider an alternative job offer. 87% of respondents to Clicks’ survey received at least one unsolicited approach in the past 12 months. Of those, 37% secured a new role from that approach. These numbers clearly prove that this is a strategy that really works.

So how will Clicks help you make sure you don’t miss out on your dream candidate?

  1. Have a robust ‘path to hire’ mapped out, that covers everything from a current PD, to providing an engaging candidate experience, to identifying who the interviewers will be (and making sure they’re not about to go on a month’s holiday).
  2. Figure out what your value proposition is. Why would your dream candidate want to work for you? What is aspirational about working for the company? Is it the culture? The cool tech they’ll use? The above-market salary and incentive structure? The positive impact on the community? The professional development opportunities? The perks?
  3. Get all the information you need to make a fully informed, delay-free decision. Because we’ll have all of the above information and will have agreed your path to hire, we’ll be your wingman to getting the best person hired in a flash. We’ll ask interview and reference check questions to qualify against the competencies that you need, we’ll do any technical and/or psychometric testing, do all the due diligence, manage them through the offer and resignation process and ward off any counter-offers that inevitably arise. We stay in frequent contact with candidates throughout the selection process to make sure they don’t go cool on your opportunity or consider offers from other recruiters.

We’d love to help you with your next hire. Please call our Managing Director, Ben Wood, on 03 9963 4884 for advice on any of the above, or send him an email. We look forward to helping you very soon.



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