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Gender Diversity Data in 2022: Pandemic Leaves Female Leaders Behind

Data from Clicks’ 2022 Report: Gender Diversity in the Australian IT Market, reveals the proportion of female executives in the tech industry is 15%. This represents a drop of ten percentage points compared to 2019. The pre-pandemic figure – at 25% – was the highest Clicks had recorded since we began collecting the data in…

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Clicks’ 2022 IT Recruitment & Retention Report

Rise in Metrics Signals Continued Growth, Highlights Staffing Challenges for Organisations What is the IT Recruitment & Retention Report? Clicks’ IT Recruitment & Retention Report has been in production since 2001. For those new to the report, it collates data from hundreds of organisations across the government and corporate sector. The report is highly anticipated and…

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Are You Planning for Additional Headcount in Q1 next year?

After 20 years in the industry, I’m not too proud to say that I know recruiting is one of people’s least favourite things. It often feels like a distraction from your core responsibilities, and something you need to do in addition to your ‘day job’. That’s partly true. Which is where we come in. I…

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October 5, 2021

Clicks’ 2021-22 IT Workforce Insights Report: What Do IT Professionals Want?

Our 13th edition includes over 1,100 individual responses from IT professionals surveyed in July 2021. Over 1,000 IT professionals working in a range of technical and management roles responded to our most recent IT Workforce Insights survey. The data and insights from this report can be used by any organisation that recruits IT staff to…

August 31, 2021

IT Professionals Confidence Continues to Grow: ‘IT Employment Confidence Index’

IT Job seekers confidence are buoyed by the belief that there are plenty of jobs available, with 38% of respondents reporting a positive perception of the IT job market.

July 5, 2021

7 Leadership Qualities Teams Want

We’ve all heard this one before: “people leave managers, not companies”. In my experience it’s an accurate statement. Great leaders are vital to your organisation. They are one of your most valuable employee benefits, and an excellent retention and attraction strategy. We want leaders who can hold onto our staff, especially as the employment market…

June 16, 2021

How to Strengthen the Recruitment Process

Many people consider recruitment to be quite an intuitive process. The reality is, it’s often not that simple. That’s why we believe it’s important to apply organisational design best practices to ensure an objective and robust hiring process. Designing tailored assessment activities to support hiring processes is one way to apply organisational design. These activities may comprise of bespoke behavioural based interview questions, work samples, group activities, and role-plays. We’ve worked with clients to craft assessments that align with their organisation’s capability framework and include objective rating scales. This enables effective evaluation of the performance of each activity designed.

April 29, 2021

Clicks ‘IT Employment Confidence Index’: IT Professionals’ Confidence Rebounding in 2021

Clicks IT Recruitment has been measuring the confidence of IT professionals over the last five years. Our survey includes a range of critical social and economic indicators that are measured around the world by leading institutions to inform business decisions. Our latest report shows the confidence of IT professionals has bounced back in 2021 across…

April 4, 2021

Clicks’ Contractor Care Team Really Do CARE!

I’ve been working at Clicks for over a decade, which I appreciate in this day and age is a rarity. What can I say – I love my job! No day is ever the same, I meet new people, I work with great people, and I’m constantly learning. Over the years I’ve seen our Contractor…

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