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Clicks Celebrates its Annual State of the Nation

Each year the team at Clicks comes together to review the year that was, and set goals for the year ahead. We also do some team building, and the day is topped off by a black tie awards dinner at a different Melbourne location each year.

It’s a tradition that’s been running for almost twenty years! The day relates specifically to three of Clicks’ core values: Team, Learning, and Excellence.

This year our team activity saw us compete MasterChef style (well, we thought we could have been on MasterChef!) in a pressure test. Teams were set the challenge to shop for and then cook as many meals as possible for those less fortunate. When Marilyn, the founder of the Willing Older Workers charity, joined us as a surprise at the end of the event and explained who was going to be enjoying our meals that night, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Then it was time to get our glad rags on for dinner. We celebrated Samuel and Allyson, who had achieved 100 placements and joined our Centurion Club. There were also two new inductees to our Hall of Fame, with Sonia and Jackie having achieved 300 placements. Finally, for the first time we had two #Clicksters achieve 500 placements, with Nick and Fatema being the inaugural members of The 500 Club. As well as the accolades that automatically accompany such great achievements, each of these tiers included some luxury pampering opportunities for the recipients.

Clicks’ Managing Director, Ben Wood, says that “Tradition is something that our team values enormously. Over the years we’ve adopted behaviours that have become an institution: some big, such as our Centurion black tie dinner and awards, or winning a trip to Qualia in our sales incentive. Others are small, for instance ringing the bell on the wall when you make your first placement. They all come together to form the unwritten fabric of our culture…

As we’ve evolved, we’ve checked in with our team from time to time, to see whether they want to move on from certain customs. Each time we do so, I’m surprised at how passionate our people are about preserving Clicks’ heritage, even our more recent starters. It’s one of the things they tell me they love about working here.”

We’d love to hear about any traditions in your workplace that have become entrenched, and what they mean to you.

Sam Micich, Group Operations & Marketing Manager



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