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Sore Today, Stronger Tomorrow

We all know someone that can eat whatever they want and get away with it.  A close friend of mine is one of those people and it’s not fair! Her idea of exercise on the weekend is moving from the lounge to the kitchen and back to the lounge, with the occasional detour to the bathroom. Her diet consists of sugar, sugar and more sugar. When we go out for dinner she has at least 2 courses and finishes off what I don’t eat. I want her metabolism. I swear her stomach starts in her ankles.

Recently, we went Segwaying together and we had to get weighed prior to getting the Segway. I thought I was about 5 kilos heavier than my “energetic” friend, nope, try 12 kilos. It’s just not fair. I walk at least 8kms a day and eat healthily. We are going to Samoa together in a few weeks and there’s no way I’m going to sit next to her by the pool feeling all fat and frumpy. Three days after Segwaying I had joined the gym.

Picture this, me, the most uncoordinated person in the world who trips over her own feet and falls up stairs, stepping into the gym to pump some iron. I love doing the various classes at gym. It took a few kettle bells to the head (yes, you heard me) and a bit of after-class instruction from the teacher, but my squats, lunges and (ugh) kettle bell swings started to take form. I told my boxing instructor that I don’t want to break a nail because it takes too long to grow back and he laughed and told me to cut them (and yes I did).

Just the other day I ventured out of the classroom and into the gym floor, where all the serious weights are lifted and muscles are pumped. I had been staying away from this level; nope, someone like me didn’t belong on that floor. I settled on the treadmill and tried to jog at a decent pace without falling off. After a while, this young fit woman next to me who had the incline set as high as possible and going about the same speed as me started running backwards on the treadmill! I am a slightly competitive person (haha, slightly) so I decided to kick it up to high gear and hang on for dear life. Remember that scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary where she is at the gym? I made Bridget look good but I managed to last a couple of minutes until a bike became free. Phew!!!!

Getting to the gym for the first time in a very, VERY long time has been a challenge, both physically and mentally, but it’s been extremely rewarding! After a couple of months at the gym I have dropped a few kilos and found that the clothes that were tight on me are now loose (bye bye muffin top). I can see some toning and definition. I’m ready to sip some well-deserved cocktails by that pool in Samoa. Getting to the gym might seem daunting at first, but my best advice is to just get in there and do it! You may experience a few kettle bells to the head, but nothing good comes easy!

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-Narelle Bialy, Contractor Care Consultant, NSW



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