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Reasons to go Contract

If you’re considering contracting or want to learn more, we’re here to help. For those unfamiliar with contract work, it is project-based or time-critical work delivered over a set period, varying anywhere from two weeks to 12 months or longer. While contractors often work on projects, companies hire them for their specialist skills to cover leave, peak periods, or to fill skill and knowledge gaps within teams.

Clicks has placed thousands of IT professionals into contract assignments. Here are the top 10 reasons people choose to be ‘career contractors’. They might inspire you to become one too!

1. Freedom

You can experience a company without having to make a long-term commitment. You have the freedom to pick and choose what assignment you want to take and for how long.

2. Flexibility

Contract work offers excellent flexibility. For example, if you want to take a break every three months between contract assignments, take school holidays off to spend with your children, go to Europe for the summer, or take a six-month holiday, you can!

3. New Experiences

Staying in the same company for a long time can make you ‘too comfortable’. Contracting helps you branch out to meet new people and work in different, challenging environments. In addition, the nature of contracting means you’re exposed to the latest systems and technology. These experiences help keep your technical skills current and in demand.

4. Variety

Contracting offers diverse experience across industry, technology, company structures, cultures, size, and complexity. You will also be exposed to different people and ways of working. The benefit is that you are continually developing your knowledge and professional network. You can also add value to your contract worksites by sharing best-practice behaviours you have learnt in previous environments.

5. Be Your Own Boss

Take control of your destiny, career progression, and growth. You can decide where you want to work, what you work on, and whom you work with. That means you can select contract assignments that interest you and support your goals. And if you find yourself in a sub-optimal environment, you’re not stuck there – your exit strategy is already in place. Difficult situations can feel easier when you know you have an end date.

6. Puts the Focus on You and Your Brand

Contracting makes you focus on your brand rather than the company brand. Each successful contract assignment you complete builds on your reputation amongst various clients so that your expertise becomes well-known throughout the industry.

7. Supports Longer-Term Employment Prospects

You can contract while you are looking for that next permanent job. Being employed makes you more employable. Your skills and experience remain fresh, which will undoubtedly aid in landing more long-term work.

8. No Politics

You can focus on the job and limit your involvement in any office politics.

9. Design Your Lifestyle

You can have extended time off between contract assignments to dedicate to your projects, professional development, and hobbies.

10. More Pay

Contracting can be financially rewarding. While dependent on employment market conditions, the higher degree of risk means it typically attracts high pay rates and tax benefits, sometimes far higher than the permanent salary equivalent. It is a great opportunity to meet your savings goals sooner.

If you would like to learn more about contracting or contract rates for any IT role in the current market, reach out to us on 1300 CLICKS for a confidential discussion.

Clicks is an award-winning IT recruitment specialist. Our team averages 12 years of industry experience, and we work with great employers across Australia. We have a dedicated Contractor Care team that looks after all the administrative aspect of contracting and offer a range of benefits.

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