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Crafting Effective Position Descriptions – Showcasing Your Company to Attract Top Talent

The hiring market is constantly evolving. The needs of job seekers and employers change on a regular basis.

Employers gain valuable insights about job seekers from CVs, just as job seekers gather information about prospective employers from position descriptions (PDs). While it’s important to outline the requirements and responsibilities of a role, employers should also seize the opportunity to sell their company and create an enticing narrative that resonates with potential candidates.

In this blog we will explore key elements that employers should include in their position descriptions to effectively promote their company and leave a lasting impression on candidates.

First Things First

There are key details that cannot be missed in the PD process.

  1. Review and rewrite the previous PD if it fails to effectively promote your organisation and the opportunity.
  2. Use plain English to enhance clarity and accessibility.
  3. Employ gender-neutral and inclusive language to ensure a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.
  4. Tailor your writing to resonate with your intended audience, specifically high-impact individuals. Capitalise on this document as an opportunity to attract top talent by effectively describing the role in a manner that appeals to their ambition.
  5. Strive for conciseness. If you find it challenging to condense all the necessary information within 2-3 pages, there may be an excessive amount of content.
  6. Consider incorporating the expected percentage of time allocated to each set of duties. This will enable candidates to envision themselves in the role on a day-to-day basis.

Company Overview

Start by providing a concise yet compelling overview of your company. Highlight your industry, mission, values, and any unique aspects that set your organisation apart. Describe your company culture, emphasising the work environment, opportunities for growth, and commitment to employee development.

Remember, candidates are not just looking for a job; they want to align themselves with a company that aligns with their values and offers a rewarding experience.

Growth and Learning Opportunities

Highlight the growth opportunities available within your company. Candidates are often looking for more than just a job; they seek opportunities to develop their skills, acquire new knowledge, and advance in their careers. Describe mentorship programs, training initiatives, and professional development resources offered by your company.

Emphasise that your organisation is invested in the growth and success of its employees.

Company Values and Culture

Incorporate your company’s core values and cultural aspects into the position description. Candidates want to work for organisations that align with their own values and provide a supportive and inclusive culture. Describe your company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Mention any employee resource groups, wellness programs, or community engagement initiatives that showcase your company’s values in action. By emphasising your company’s culture, you attract candidates who are a good fit for your organisation.

Don’t forget to include internal perks and benefits that your company offers. Beyond the standard salary and benefits package, outline unique offerings such as flexible work arrangements, remote work options, wellness programs, employee discounts, or additional perks that make your company stand out!

Team Dynamics and Collaboration

Give candidates a glimpse into the team dynamics and collaborative environment they can expect. Highlight any cross-functional collaboration, team-building activities, or projects that foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Describe how your company encourages open communication, idea sharing, and a supportive work environment. This will help candidates envision themselves as part of a cohesive team and foster excitement about joining your organisation.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, we have a large number of position description templates on our site.

This blog is the first in a two part series, the second of which will detail how what you need to say about the candidate in the PD, including what language, sections and key criteria to include.

If you or your HR team are hiring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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