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Award-Winning Wellness

The team at Clicks were beyond thrilled when we got the news! We took out the top spot in the category of Health and Wellbeing at this year’s APSCo Gala and Awards night in Melbourne last Thursday.

Ben Giltrap, Group Marketing Lead, was delighted to represent Clicks at the awards and had this to say about the Wellness Matters program which was launched just over two years ago:

Over the last two years, we’ve shared our knowledge and experiences regarding meal preparation, beating the ‘back to work’ blues, staying sun smart, embracing body positivity, mindfulness, participating in marathons as part of a vision-impaired running group, staying healthy during Ramadan, and nearly everything in between.

We encourage all of our staff to share their tips on wellness, and we’ve attached just some of the wonderful–and insightful­–blogs that our #Clicksters have written over the past few months.

In addition to opening up the opportunity for internal input, once a month we write an ‘Ask an Expert’ feature, which consists of a Q&A with a health expert. We give our staff and contractors the opportunity to submit questions, which we then put forward to the professional. Our most recent Q&A was with a Gut Health Coach, and some other experts we’ve interviewed recently include a General Practitioner, a Podiatrist and a Dentist.

Clicks’ Managing Director, Ben Wood, says “Clicks is famous for our contractor care program, and our wellness program is an extension of that. It’s great to be recognised for something that is an important part of our values, We’re passionate believers in diversity and that everyone should have a safe experience at work…our wellness program is a valuable personification of that.”

If you’re not already, we would love for you to subscribe to our Wellness Matters newsletter. Join the discussion and send through your favourite wellness tips to

Sam, Ben and Valentina

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