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Desktop Dining – A Trend That Should End

Ah, office days are pretty much back – for most. While it is nice to experience the newness of each different day, smattered with incidental novelties like a funny train announcement, or a chance meeting with an old friend on the commute, there is one aspect of the 9(ish) to 5(ish) that really should retire.

Lunch at your desk.

Look, I know. You get started on something, you’re on a roll, there’s only so many hours in a day, you’re good at multi-tasking, it’s better to work through than work late… all of that. And that’s ok – sometimes. But when you’re desktop dining on the regular, you may cause other unwanted knock-on effects over time.

No, It’s Not Making You More Productive

I know what you’re thinking. Eating your lunch while ‘just quickly replying to this email’ or ‘wrapping up one last thing’ is not only enough to make your day drag on, but it can also actually make you less productive in the long run. Stepping away from your desk for a half-hour walk can refresh your mind and help improve your focus and creative thinking for the rest of the day.

Pack in Some Vitamin D

We all talk about nutrition for vital nutrients and vitamins, but the one you can’t pack in your lunch box is good old Vitamin D from the sun. You know it doesn’t have to be a super sunshiney day, just letting the outside light hit some bare skin for 10 minutes a day is essential to good physical and mental wellbeing.

Fog Outside is Better Than Fog Inside

Even if the weather outside is not great, you really still need to get up and walk around to get the blood pumping and oxygen flowing. Decreased oxygen levels from remaining sedentary for long periods can lead to brain fog, making you less focused on your tasks.

Making Scents

I’m going to say it. Tuna. It really is a healthy, convenient, protein-rich lunch option. But it smells. It lingers. Do your co-workers a favour and take that away from your open-plan situation.

It’s a Crumby Idea

Have you ever had to pick off the keys of your keyboard to get that crumb out because the letter J just won’t hit? You know it. Also, it’s not very hygienic – especially in this age of hot-desking. No number of wipes can remove all those oil stains from the workstation.

Get Off the Network and Get Onto Networking

Taking your conversations offline and having a break with your colleagues helps build a relationship that is good for career progression and future employment prospects.

If this list doesn’t convince you to ditch the ‘al desko’ dining, or you’re just not in the practice, block it out in your calendar, every day. Those outlook reminders may be persistent enough to convince you.

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