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Hiring Objectives for the Year Ahead Part I: Planning for Success

My colleague Tamara Ryf recently talked about how to get ahead this financial year, and it got me thinking. Like anything we do in life, having clear objectives really helps us succeed in reaching our goals. Hiring well has many benefits, not to mention spending less time improving low employee engagement and not having performance management cases!

Have you had time to consider what your hiring objectives will be for the year ahead? If not, here are some you may like to consider.

To start with, I suggest you take your time. As my wife will attest, when I rush, I generally end up with a bit of a mess and spend more time doing re-work.  So, when it comes to recruitment activities, I recommend being intentional with how you spend your time to ensure you get the most out of it.

Additionally, it might be helpful to reflect and apply what you’ve learnt from previous recruitment campaigns. Is there anything you wish you had done differently? Did you miss out on your preferred candidate because your recruitment process was too long? Were you able to truly assess whether the candidate had what it took to be successful? Were you able to support your diversity goals while adding to the team culture?

The team at Clicks has over 500 years’ combined recruitment experience.  That adds up to a lot of learnings that we can share with you! Our size and reach means you can be confident in Clicks’ ability to meet your needs, as confirmed by 100% of clients in our latest client satisfaction survey.

I hope these simple objectives will help you hire well this year. Next week, I’ll share more on this topic and get more specific with my suggestions for your hiring objectives.

You can subscribe to our blog here. To discuss any of these topics further, or for contractor support or any hiring needs, please reach out to your Clicks Account Manager or me on 0438 355 792 to see how we can help.

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