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Is Your Clutter Keeping you Up at Night?

Story time:
Last weekend I went to my sister’s place for a Barbeque. She has twin boys who just turned one and the living room was LOADED with toys and presents, but for some reason the boys were in a very ratty mood – they couldn’t stop crying and just wanted to be held. Not a parent myself, I figured this behaviour was part and parcel with babies, but my brother-in-law sensed the root cause of the problem and began clearing out the room and putting the toys away. Almost instantly the boys’ moods improved and they were back to their usual happy selves.

If a cluttered room can have such an impact on a baby, how does a cluttered household affect our own emotional regulation? According to Josh Becker of Becoming Minimalist de-cluttering your life means less stress, less to clean, less to organise and as a result, more time to do the things you love. I’m certainly no minimalist, but the site has some great tips for reducing clutter at home. For example check out these 10 Minutes to a Clutter Free Morning, it might just make you more of a morning person.

From your home life to your work life, de-cluttering your desk can keep you productive by minimising distractions and save you hours each week by staying organised.  Have a look at this article from CNN and re-think your desk organisation. There are still 2 more weeks of spring so you have plenty of time to clean and de-clutter before a sun filled summer!

Speaking of summer, we found this great recipe for refreshing detox water. It’s really easy to throw together in the break room and will keep you feeling fresh at your desk.

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