Walk on Through the Rain

Now I’ve got you humming along to Ray Charles or Gerry and the Pacemakers, haven’t I? #Clicksters, there is a direct correlation between the declining average temperature and the level of motivation to exercise for most. Let’s face it; winter …

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Your Podiatry Questions Have Been Answered

For this week’s ‘Ask an Expert’ edition of our Wellness Matters blog, we spoke to Ryan Twist, a podiatrist from Bayswater Foot and Ankle Clinic, and asked him all your questions about foot health. What is the most common cause …

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What’s Up, Dog?

Here at Clicks, we’re lucky enough to work alongside everyone’s favourite colleague, Yarra – the five-year-old Labrador Retriever who brightens up our days. Lovingly known as ‘Yaz’ or ‘Patch’ (following her recent surgery), she is omnipresent in our office. Yarra …

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All Your Dentistry Questions Answered

For this week’s #WellnessMatters blog, we spoke to Niall Finlay BDS MFDS from The Northside Dentist in Thornbury about all things dentistry – from how often you should be flossing, to the merits of teeth whitening, and even which toothpaste …

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Run, Sophie, Run!

“You have night blindness, don’t you Soph?” “Yep, that’s right.” “Why don’t you do Wings for Life? It’s run at night.” “Errr…because I have night blindness?!” I’m a member of the Achilles Running Group, which brings together vision impaired people …

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Be Prepared

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama are known, amongst other things, for wearing the same or similar clothes every day. Why? To avoid ‘decision fatigue’ and conserve brain power for the greater decisions of the day. I don’t know about you, …

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Sue is a joy to have around and I wish I could keep her on forever. A perfect fit!


He has been a positive and constructive member of our team – and is so loved, that his team mates recommended that the IT system he is working on should be named after him.


His innovation and attention to detail have allowed us to take evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary steps forward in our services and products.


With resources of this calibre, Clicks is at the top of my list when I’m looking for staff.