Is Your Recruiter Helping Or Hindering Your Diversity Target?

Most companies today have some form of gender diversity strategy in place. However, depending on the size, location and industry of the organisation, the strategy might vary wildly. It may range from some loose tenets that are reviewed by management …

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Hiring During the Holidays? Here’s How

This is a crazy time of year for lots of reasons. There are the countless invitations to Christmas events. In between events you have to sort out Christmas shopping for your loved ones. While you’re at it, don’t forget the …

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Job Market Undeterred By EOFY Uncertainty

Clicks has just released the results of its latest quarterly IT Employment Confidence Index. The results were gathered from nearly 400 Australian IT employers and professionals over the April-June quarter of 2018. The key metrics from this quarter’s Index illustrate …

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Clicks is the First Choice for Nine out of Ten Clients

For the 13th consecutive Client Satisfaction Survey, over 90% of Clicks’ clients have said they are confident in our ability to meet their recruitment requirements and expectations. This figure has not fallen below 90% in the six years that we’ve …

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Clicks Continues Ticking All the Boxes for Our Contractors

Clicks has once again achieved strong results in our annual Contractor Feedback Survey. This survey gets sent out to our current contractors in May each year, and it explores a range of key service delivery topics. Here is a brief …

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How to Not Be an April Fool: Some 20/20 Hindsight

I always find April slightly discombobulating. It’s not summer anymore, but we still have some really hot days. It’s not winter either, but there are some really chilly days. There’s a rule in my house that the heaters don’t go …

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Sue is a joy to have around and I wish I could keep her on forever. A perfect fit!


He has been a positive and constructive member of our team – and is so loved, that his team mates recommended that the IT system he is working on should be named after him.


His innovation and attention to detail have allowed us to take evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary steps forward in our services and products.


With resources of this calibre, Clicks is at the top of my list when I’m looking for staff.