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Why Being Kind is Good for You

What doubles when shared? The answer is kindness. Performing just one random act of kindness helps you as well as the person you help. Studies have shown the positive effects of being kind include improved mood, increased happiness and calmness as well as many positive health benefits. There’s a scientific reason behind that warm and fuzzy feeling. When you are being kind you increase serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin levels in your body. Serotonin is known to help you relax, oxytocin is associated with feelings of love and bonding while increased endorphins reduce pain. So, are you ready to sprinkle some kindness into your day?

Here are some ideas to help you perform random acts of kindness each day

  • Smile at the people you see
  • Give a genuine compliment
  • Send your friend a positive message or funny meme that you know they will appreciate
  • Take interest in your co-workers and learn something new about them
  • Provide positive feedback
  • Make a homemade gift or cook a meal
  • Support local businesses
  • Text someone to wish them a great start to their day
  • Write an online review when you’ve had a positive experience
  • Acknowledge if someone looks like they are in a rush and let them go ahead of you
  • Organise a fundraiser for a good cause
  • Donate pre-loved items that are still in great condition
  • Engage positively with social media content
  • Help out – at home, at work or in the community!

The difference between being nice and being kind

Being nice can lead to becoming too accommodating and too obligating at the risk of your own self-care. Being kind means you can still be assertive, set appropriate limits and includes being kind to yourself.

Simple ways to be kind to yourself

  • Write down what you are proud of and grateful for
  • Do something that brings you joy
  • Dial down your inner critic and dial up your positive self-talk – use how you would talk to your family and friends as the yardstick on how you engage with your inner voice

What are you waiting for? Throw kindness around like its confetti and be the ‘I’ in kind today! As always, please let us know if there are any topics you would love us to look into or you have any queries or feedback. You can reach us at

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